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SizeGenetics FAQs

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What is SizeGenetics?
SizeGenetics is a medical-grade penis extension device. It is used for penis enlargement and for straightening curved penises. SizeGenetics is one of the most trusted names in the industry when it comes to penis enlargement and their device has been used by 100s of thousands of men around the world.

How does SizeGenetics work?
SizeGenetics increases penis size in a manner very similar to how your muscles get larger from bodybuilding. When you wear the SizeGenetics extender device, I creates micro-tears in your penile tissues. Your cells then replicate to fill in the tears, leading to gradual penis enlargement from new cell growth.

Won’t penis stretching just give me a long, skinny penis?
Penis extension is sometimes referred to as “penis stretching.” This term is not correct because the penis enlargement does not occur from stretching. Enlargement occurs because penis extension promotes new cell growth in your penis, leading to a longer and thicker penis.

How big can my penis get with SizeGenetics?
Results with SizeGenetics vary amongst men. However, the average gains from SizeGenetics were 28% of length and 19% of girth after following the SizeGenetics training schedule for 6 months. You can use SizeGenetics for longer than 6 months and will keep on getting results. However, after about 6 months, penis growth usually occurs more slowly.

How do I use SizeGenetics?
When you receive your SizeGenetics device, you will get an instructional video of how to use it. Even though SizeGenetics is very easy to assemble and wear, you should watch the instructional video from start to finish to ensure you are using SizeGenetics properly.

Is penis extension safe?
Penis extension has been tested in numerous clinical studies and is proven very safe. Do note though that penis extension is a gradual process and you should not try to rush it by putting too much pressure on your penis or wearing the device all day long (follow the training schedule). Penis extension with SizeGenetics should never be painful – that is a sign that you may be harming your penis.

My doctor recommended a penis extender for my Peyrnoie’s syndrome. Can I use SizeGenetics?
Yes; SizeGenetics is recommended by doctors for treating Peyronie’s syndrome. It has shown very effective in straightening curved penises.

What will penis extension do to my erections?
Penis extension will not harm your erection quality. In many cases, men report that their erections became harder because of SizeGenetics. This is due to the new cell growth and improved blood circulation that penis extension provides.