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SizeGenetics Extender or Penis Pills?

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If you want to get a bigger penis, you have three options: surgery, penis extension, or supplements (pills or creams). For most men, surgery is not a feasible option. Aside from the high costs and painfulness of surgery, the results are usually negligible. Penis extenders, like our top pick SizeGenetics, and penis pills are the most popular choices. Both of these options have pros and cons which may make one the better option for you.

A Bigger Penis or a Bigger Erection?
The main difference between SizeGenetics extender and penis pills is that SizeGenetics will give you a bigger penis (including erect and flaccid size) whereas penis pills will only increase erection size. There are a few penis pills or creams which can get you a bigger flaccid penis but the results will be negligible. So, you must decide how important it is for you to have a larger flaccid penis. If you don’t care about flaccid size, then penis pills are an option. If you do want a larger flaccid size too, then you must go with SizeGenetics or another top extender device.

The Results
It doesn’t matter whether you pick SizeGenetics, a different penis extender or penis pills: all men will have different results. However, there are some average gains that you can expect. With SizeGenetics, you can expect increases of about 30% of your length and 20% of your girth. Do keep in mind that these results are given in averages and occur over a period of about 6 months of regularly using SizeGenetics.

With penis pills, your erection size probably won’t get too much bigger unless you have been having weak erections. Also, men over 40 get better size increases with penis pills (because their older, weaker cells benefit better from the penis supplements). Still, even the best penis pill isn’t going to increase your penis to the same extent that SizeGenetics can. If you want several inches of gain, then you should go with SizeGenetics. If you just want a moderate increase in your erection size, then penis pills will deliver.

The major drawback of SizeGenetics is that you have to wear the extender device for a few hours daily on a regular basis. Over a period of about 4-7 months, you will be able to achieve maximum results. Men who want to really enlarge their penis drastically (3+ inches) may need to use SizeGenetics even longer. The SizeGenetics device is comfortable and can be worn underneath clothes but some men still may find it inconvenient to wear. Once you achieve the results you want though, you will never have to wear SizeGenetics again.

In the short run, penis pills are much more convenient to use than SizeGenetics. You just take a pill every day and your erections will eventually get larger. In the long run though, penis pills are not very convenient compared to SizeGenetics. You have to take them every day for the rest of your life if you want to keep on getting results. This also makes penis pills less of a value than SizeGenetics.

Other Benefits
With SizeGenetics penis extension, you aren’t going to get many more benefits other than penis enlargement. You can straighten out curvatures in your penis and some men experience harder erections from SizeGenetics. With penis pills though, you get a wide range of other benefits like a better libido, improved stamina, larger ejaculations, and harder erections. They can also help prevent and treat impotence.

Which is Right for You?
If you want permanent penis enlargement, a larger flaccid penis, and a one-time investment, then SizeGenetics is the way to go. If you don’t care about flaccid penis size and want other sexual benefits – like more stamina and boosted libido – then penis pills are the way to go.