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SizeGenetics – Actual User Results

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Starting Length: 5.5 inches
Starting Width: 4 ¾ inches
I followed the Size Genetics training pretty much to the T except that some days I wouldn’t be able to stretch and would do two rounds the next day to make up for it. The 2000 gram tension was the most comfortable for me so I didn’t bother going any higher since I was already seeing results. Definitely didn’t expect to grow ½ inch in the first 5 weeks. Most of my growth was in months 2-4 and then not much after. I am really pleased with the results. My size is perfect now: big enough to impress but still not going to scare any ladies off!
End Length after 6 months: 7 ¼ inches
End Girth after 6 months: 6 inches

Starting Length: 11 cm
Starting Width: 8 cm
I got Size Genetics because my penis was very small and it bent. I knew it would get rid of the bend and hoped I would get a bit bigger too. I did not realize just how much I grew at first. I thought I must have measured wrong and it just seemed bigger because it was straighter. Then I looked at my before pictures and saw I was much fuller. I get harder now too. I used SizeGenetics for 7 months but stopped because I stopped getting much bigger.
End Length after 7 months: 14 cm
End Girth after 7 months: 10.5

Starting Length: 6 ¼ inches
Starting Width: 5 inches
I was taking penis pills for years and they got too expensive though they did give me larger hard ons. I figured I would give penis stretching a try and Size Genetics seemed like the most legitimate of all the ones I found online. I was careful to follow their guidelines and too the before shots in case I needed to ask for a refund. The first 2 weeks I got ¼ inch bigger so I knew I wasn’t going to be asking for my money back. I grew really quickly even though I only wore the extender 2-3 hours a day, not the 6 hours they recommend towards the end. I guess the supplements I was taking helped speed things up. I was still getting results after 6 months but stopped because I was worried my penis was already too big.
End Length after 6 months: 8 inches
End Girth after 6 months: 6 ½ inches