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What is MaleEdge?

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MaleEdge represents the best of medical innovation when it comes to nonsurgical penis enlargement. This penis extension device – also sometimes called a penis stretcher – promotes natural cell division in your penile tissues. Over time, your penis gets larger and thicker so you can become more of a man sexually!

MaleEdge penis extender was first innovated about 5 years ago by DanaLife, the same company which makes Jes Extender. With MaleEdge, you can expect the same commitment to excellence and great results which come with Jes Extender. The difference is that MaleEdge has been designed so it is even easier to use and also more affordable. There is no reason why men shouldn’t be able to get a larger penis since MaleEdge comes at a great price but without sacrificing quality.

MaleEdge Can Increase Your Size by Inches
Just like our other top penis extenders, MaleEdge can help you get about 30% longer and 20% thicker over a period of 6 months of regular extension. If your penis is 5 inches, then you can expect to get 1.5 inches! If your penis is 6 inches, then you can get nearly 2 inches. These are just averages so many men will get even better results with MaleEdge penis extender.

MaleEdge can also be used to straighten out curved penises (Peyronie’s disease). In just a few weeks of wearing MaleEdge, your penis will not curve as much – which can make your erections much harder and stronger!

Why MaleEdge is Such a Great Value
The penis extenders which really work are not cheap. They must be made out of medical-grade materials which will not warp or break. Also, it is very important for the amount of pressure applied to the penis to be very precise. A cheap penis extender is not going to deliver you results and it probably isn’t going to be comfortable either! When making MaleEdge though, the design team wanted to make a device which would be affordable to all men but without sacrificing any quality. The result was MaleEdge: an all-in-one device for penis enlargement and straightening. There aren’t any spare parts with MaleEdge so the costs are considerably cut – yet you can still adjust the length of the device to fit penises ranging from 2 to 11 inches.

Guaranteed to Get You Results
MaleEdge is a high quality penis extender and has a great reputation to back it up. If you don’t trust the testimonials of the 300,000+ men who have used MaleEdge, then you can trust the money-back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with MaleEdge, then you will get 200% of the purchase price returned to you. With this sort of guarantee, you can bet that you are going to get the results you want with MaleEdge penis enlarger.