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MaleEdge User Experiences and Results

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We went through the MaleEdge forums in the area where men can post their results and experiences with penis extension. Here are what real MaleEdge users are saying!

“I started at 16 cm and am now 18 cm when erect, girth 14 cm. Flaccid length is 13 cm and flaccid girth is 11.5 cm. MaleEdge is working all right. I am at 280 hours right now into the investment. With 2 cm increase already, I can’t wait to see how much bigger I get after 1000 hours.”

“I got 1.6 cm bigger after 1 month of stretching at 2000 grams and my girth increased by 1.5 cm. The device is comfortable but don’t go past 2500 grams until you get used to it.”

“Hi everyone! I am in month 4 of using Male Edge and am happy to say that it works. I have been averaging 5 hours a day with it. Some days I wear it as much as 12 hours whereas other days just about 3 hours. If you want to wear Male Edge all day, I recommend getting some gauze from a drug store and wrapping it around your penis. This will stop any slipping which might occur after wearing Male Edge for a long time. If you wear just the protective foam for 5+ hours, it can get a bit humid. Put the gauze on first and it will take care of the humid problems. I started with a base length of 10 cm erect and 6 cm girth. Now I am 13.5 long and 8 in girth.”

“I can’t believe how fast I am getting results. I have been using Male Edge for 2 months now. When I started, I was using the second to last notch on the device. Now, I can already twist the connector and put the extension arms all the way down. I am already 2.5 cm bigger and my penis is straighter too.”

“I’m at 7 weeks with Male Edge and logged about 300 hours from wearing it about 6 hours a day, less during the first few weeks. I am also taking multivitamins with amino acids to get my tissues growing faster. I am just about to go to the next notch on the extender which makes almost one notch every week!”

“Thanks to the Dana Life crew! I have had good results in only 4 weeks and am very, very pleased. I started at just above 5 inches and am close to 6 inches now. Not too much change in flaccid length but I bet that will change as I keep on using it. Since my erection is already almost an inch bigger, you aren’t going to hear any complaints from me!”