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MaleEdge FAQs

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What is MaleEdge?
MaleEdge is a medical-grade device which is used for enlarging penis size (length and girth) and also for straightening curvatures in penises.

How is MaleEdge different than Jes Extender?
MaleEdge and Jes Extender are made by the same company. MaleEdge has been designed to be more economical and easier to use. It is cheaper than Jes Extender but will provide the same results and comfort. Jes Extender is made from higher-quality materials.

How does penis extension work?
When you wear the MaleEdge penis extender, it stretches your penis forward. The stretching causes microscopic tearing in your penile tissues. Your body responds by causing cells to replicate so they fill in the tears. Over time, all of the new cells will add up to a larger penis.

Is penis extension safe?
Numerous clinical studies show that penis extension is safe. However, it is important that penis extension be done gradually in order to get results safely. MaleEdge is designed to ensure your safety. It is made with a precision traction system which allows you to adjust the amount of pressure on your penis to an exact level of comfort. MaleEdge also uses a comfort stray system so you will not ever have to worry about cutting off circulation to your penis. Just follow the simple instructions for using MaleEdge and this is the safest method of permanent penis enlargement!

How much bigger will MaleEdge make my penis?
On average, men experience length gains of 28% and girth gains of 19% with MaleEdge over 6 months. These are only averages. You may experience more or less gains.

Can I wear MaleEdge for longer than 6 months?
You can wear MaleEdge for as short or long of a time as you would like. The reason that the MaleEdge results are listed for 6 month periods is because this is the period of time it takes for most men to get the best results. After 5-6 months, penis growth tends to slow down. You can still wear MaleEdge after 6 months but your results may not be as good as during the first several months.

Can I wear MaleEdge while sleeping?
Once you get used to wearing MaleEdge for longer periods of time (see the training schedule that comes with the device), it can be worn while you sleep. MaleEdge is designed to pop off should it become tangled in sheets or if you roll over onto it.

What happens if I get an erection while wearing MaleEdge?
It depends on the size difference between your flaccid and erect state. If your erection size isn’t much bigger than your flaccid size, you can continue wearing MaleEdge while erect. If your erection size is much bigger than flaccid size, then MaleEdge will simply pop off when you get erect.

What is the difference between MaleEdge Basic, Extra and Pro?
All models of MaleEdge are the same. The only difference is the amount of extras that come with them.

Does MaleEdge increase flaccid size too?
MaleEdge increases both flaccid and erect penis size. Do note that gains in flaccid size are much more variable than with erect size.

Does my penis have to be a certain size to use MaleEdge?
MaleEdge is designed to accommodate all penis sizes from 2-11 inches. It can be used with circumcised and uncircumcised penises.