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Why Some Men Get Better Results with Penis Extension

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Jes Extender has proven to get average penis enlargement results of 28% of length and 18% of circumference over 6 months. Keep in mind that these results are averages. That means some men will get better results and others will less results. There are several reasons why some men get better results with penis extension. In general, older men will not experience as fast of gains because their cells replicate slower. Some men just genetically have slower cell growth. If you are not getting enough nutrients and staying healthy, you will also get slower results with Jes Extender. Luckily, this last aspect can be changed. By following these simple lifestyle changes while using Jes Extender, you can ensure you get the best possible results.

Drink More Water!
If you aren’t staying hydrated while using Jes Extender, you aren’t going to get optimal results. That is because water is crucial to all aspects of your health, especially cell replication. If your cells become dehydrated, they will not replicate as quickly so you will have to wait longer before you get noticeable penis enlargement. Add a few more glasses of water to your day and you will see optimal penis extension results plus other benefits like better erections and stamina.

Take a Male Supplement
Male supplements are not going to make your penis permanently bigger on their own. However, they can support the permanent penis enlargement which occurs from extension. By supplying your cells with nutrients and increasing blood flow the penis, your penis cells will replicate faster and you will get faster results with Jes Extender. There are many supplements available which are specifically formulated for men. However, there are other supplement options which can support penis extension too. Look for supplements with amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) because these are crucial for cellular growth.

Stop Smoking
If you haven’t quit smoking yet for your overall health, then quit for your penis’s sake. Smoking is proven to reduce penis size by about ½ inch. That is because all of those chemicals in cigarettes can damage cells and make them less capable of holding blood. Plus, the chemicals will make your cells replicate much slower. Stop smoking when you start using Jes Extender and you will get better results plus other benefits like harder erections, a healthier heart, and better sexual endurance.

Start Exercising
In order to get great results from Jes Extender, you will need to have good circulation to your penis. Men with circulation problems tend to get slower results than healthy men. The easiest way to improve your circulation is to start exercising. If you don’t like exercising, then you can do penis exercises – like jelqing – which are designed to help improve blood flow to your penis.

Remember, all men will experience different results with Jes Extender. However, men will experience results! You don’t have to change any aspect of your life to benefit from a larger penis with Jes Extender but a few simple changes can make all the difference to faster, better results.