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Why Men Choose Jes Extender over Other Penis Stretchers

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If you are just starting to research non-surgical penis enlargement, then the choices can be very confusing. Penis extenders are the only option if you want permanent penis enlargement. There are many different brands of penis enlargers and they all work in the same way and have similar-looking devices. Yet, there are some major differences between these brands which can make all the difference to your penis enlargement experience. Here are just some of the ways that Jes Extender is different than other penis extenders and why it is such a good choice.

The Jes Extender Reputation
It may seem like penis extenders have been around forever. The truth is that they didn’t get released until 1995 when a man named Jes Muller designed the first medical-grade penis enlargement device. That’s right – Jes Extender is the first ever penis extender ever made available! After 15+ years and 300,000+ customers, Jes Extender has a better reputation than ever. The Jes Extender customer satisfaction rate beats just about every other top penis extender and they have proven their dedication to quality and results.

Proven Results
Penis extension has been clinically proven to increase both penis length and width. Just because penis extension works, that doesn’t mean all penis extenders will get results though. The reason that some penis extenders don’t work is because 1) they are too uncomfortable to wear for the required time or 2) the tension isn’t set precisely enough to get results safely and/or quickly.

Jes Extender is one of the few penis extenders which has actually proven to get results. The reason that Jes Extender works so much better than other penis extenders is because it has a precisely controlled, adjustable tension level which means you are getting the maximum results while still remaining safe and comfortable. Men have no problems wearing Jes Extender because of the strap (not noose!) system of attaching your penis to the device. You can even wear Jes Extender while sleeping or under loose clothes.

The Best Guarantee
Jes Extender has the best guarantee of any penis enlargement product on the market: 200% money-back guarantee. You just wear Jes Extender for 1000 hours (about 6 months). If you haven’t gotten any results until then, you will get twice the amount you paid back. Jes Extender can offer this guarantee because they know that their extension device gets results.

Extreme Comfort
If you look at cheap penis extenders, you will notice that they use a silicon noose to secure your penis to the extension device. As you can probably imagine, the noose is going to squeeze unevenly against your penis head and cut off circulation. Some of these cheap penis extenders can even be dangerous because they cut off circulation and kill nerves! Instead of subjecting yourself to this torture, you need to choose a quality penis extender like Jes which uses a strap instead. With the Jes Extender system, you will barely feel that you are wearing the device as your penis gets larger.

Jes Extender is also superior in comfort because it lets you adjust the tension amount to an exact level. That also means you have more freedom to control your growth so you get the results you need quickly but without ever feeling any discomfort.