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What is JES Extender all about?

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Men all over the world are eager to get a bigger penis – and Jes Extender is the device which made it all possible! Over 15 years ago, a man named Jes Muller was commissioned to make a penis extender device. The device wasn’t meant to be used for getting a larger penis. Rather, it was meant for men who had just had penis surgery, such as for straightening their penis or enlargement. After these surgeries, the penis ligament can contract into the body and cause shortening. Medical experts wanted a penis extender that would keep this from happening during the post-op period.

Jes Muller based his design on the practice of penis extension which has been used for hundreds of years in certain African cultures. The men would hang rocks from their penises in order to get longer and thicker penises. Jes modernized this idea with his ultra comfortable, precision-controlled penis extender. When experts tested the Jes Extender in clinical trials, they realized that this device had much more potential than just for surgery patients. Not only did the surgery patients get a larger penis, but so did the men who hadn’t had surgery!

The reason that Jes Extender increases penis size is because it provides a ‘workout’ for the penis. Just like when you lift weights, the stretching caused by Jes Extender makes small tears in your penis. These tears are on a cellular level and completely painless and unnoticeable. Like with weight lifting, your body responds to the tears by filling them in with new cells. Your cells replicate and your penis gets a bit larger. You won’t notice any size enlargement right away. However, if you wear Jes Extender regularly, you will quickly see your penis getting longer and fuller. Over 6 months, men experience an average of 28% length increase and 18% circumference increase.

In 1995, Jes Extender was approved as a medical device and put on the market. Since then, it has been used by over 300,000 men worldwide for safe, easy penis enlargement. Even though tens of other penis extenders have hit the market, Jes Extender remains one of the best penis enlargement devices available and delivers only the best quality.

Compared to other penis extenders, you can count on Jes Extender to get you results. It comes with a 200% money-back guarantee. That’s right – if you don’t get results, you will actually receive money from Jes Extender. Since Jes Extender is incredibly comfortable and easy to wear, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get a larger penis from using Jes Extender!