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Volufiline: How it Helps Penis Enlargement

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Instant Performer is not just a solution for getting harder, longer-lasting erections. This male enhancement gel can also help you get a permanently larger penis thanks to its newly-added ingredient Volufiline.


What is Volufiline?
Volufiline is a trademarked ingredient made from the plant sarsasapogenin. It is already very well known in the health and beauty market as a natural way to enlarge bust size, plump lips, or fill in wrinkles. The way that this amazing product works is by stimulating adipocytes (fat cells) production.

When you apply Volufiline topically, the sarsasapogenin actives certain pathways which are responsible for fat production. It will cause fat formation and also cause fat cells to swell and proliferate. Over time, Volufiline can cause tissues to become plumper. Even though Volufiline is mostly used on breasts and lips, it can also help with penis enlargement.

It should be noted that sarsasapogenin is considered a plant steroid. While this plant can be used in steroid production, it alone does not have normal steroidal properties. It does not affect the same receptors as standard steroids. Instead of causing hormone changes and acting on muscle mass, it will affect fat cells instead. That means you don’t have to worry about any unusual side effects from the Volufiline in Instant Performer.

Clinical Studies with Volufiline
There have been numerous clinical studies of Volufiline and its main ingredient sarsasapogenin is of high interest to the medical community. Studies show that it can cause over 600% increase in fat cells. Most impressively is the fact that these gains occur so quickly. In one study of Volufiline as a breast enlargement cream, women experienced an increase in size of 8.4% over just 56 days.

Volufiline has not been as thoroughly studied for penis enlargement. However, the existing studies already show very positive results. After just about a month of regularly applying Volufiline in Instant Performer, you can get a plumper penis. Since Instant Performer also causes increased blood flow to the penis, the results from Volufiline occur even faster.

The Only Penis Gel which Gives Permanent Enlargement
There are a few penis creams and gels which can help you get larger erections. But don’t let this confuse you: these penis creams alone are not going to give you a permanently larger penis! The way that topical penis enhancement products work is by increasing blood flow to the penis and your penile cells’ ability to hold all that blood. You will get bigger erections but your flaccid penis will not get bigger.

Because Instant Performer contains Volufiline, it is currently the only enhancement gel which can give you permanent enlargement. Every time you apply the Instant Performer gel, you are stimulating fat formation in your penile cells and will gradually see your penis getting larger. Since your erections will also become larger and harder, this is an all-around great solution for improving your male adequacy.