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SizeGenetics – Actual User Results

Starting Length: 5.5 inches
Starting Width: 4 ¾ inches
I followed the Size Genetics training pretty much to the T except that some days I wouldn’t be able to stretch and would do two rounds the next day to make up for it. The 2000 gram tension was the most comfortable for me so I didn’t bother going any higher since I was already seeing results. Definitely didn’t expect to grow ½ inch in the first 5 weeks. Most of my growth was in months 2-4 and then not much after. I am really pleased with the results. My size is perfect now: big enough to impress but still not going to scare any ladies off!
End Length after 6 months: 7 ¼ inches
End Girth after 6 months: 6 inches

Starting Length: 11 cm
Starting Width: 8 cm
I got Size Genetics because my penis was very small and it bent. I knew it would get rid of the bend and hoped I would get a bit bigger too. I did not realize just how much I grew at first. I thought I must have measured wrong and it just seemed bigger because it was straighter. Then I looked at my before pictures and saw I was much fuller. I get harder now too. I used SizeGenetics for 7 months but stopped because I stopped getting much bigger.
End Length after 7 months: 14 cm
End Girth after 7 months: 10.5

Starting Length: 6 ¼ inches
Starting Width: 5 inches
I was taking penis pills for years and they got too expensive though they did give me larger hard ons. I figured I would give penis stretching a try and Size Genetics seemed like the most legitimate of all the ones I found online. I was careful to follow their guidelines and too the before shots in case I needed to ask for a refund. The first 2 weeks I got ¼ inch bigger so I knew I wasn’t going to be asking for my money back. I grew really quickly even though I only wore the extender 2-3 hours a day, not the 6 hours they recommend towards the end. I guess the supplements I was taking helped speed things up. I was still getting results after 6 months but stopped because I was worried my penis was already too big.
End Length after 6 months: 8 inches
End Girth after 6 months: 6 ½ inches

SizeGenetics FAQs

What is SizeGenetics?
SizeGenetics is a medical-grade penis extension device. It is used for penis enlargement and for straightening curved penises. SizeGenetics is one of the most trusted names in the industry when it comes to penis enlargement and their device has been used by 100s of thousands of men around the world.

How does SizeGenetics work?
SizeGenetics increases penis size in a manner very similar to how your muscles get larger from bodybuilding. When you wear the SizeGenetics extender device, I creates micro-tears in your penile tissues. Your cells then replicate to fill in the tears, leading to gradual penis enlargement from new cell growth.

Won’t penis stretching just give me a long, skinny penis?
Penis extension is sometimes referred to as “penis stretching.” This term is not correct because the penis enlargement does not occur from stretching. Enlargement occurs because penis extension promotes new cell growth in your penis, leading to a longer and thicker penis.

How big can my penis get with SizeGenetics?
Results with SizeGenetics vary amongst men. However, the average gains from SizeGenetics were 28% of length and 19% of girth after following the SizeGenetics training schedule for 6 months. You can use SizeGenetics for longer than 6 months and will keep on getting results. However, after about 6 months, penis growth usually occurs more slowly.

How do I use SizeGenetics?
When you receive your SizeGenetics device, you will get an instructional video of how to use it. Even though SizeGenetics is very easy to assemble and wear, you should watch the instructional video from start to finish to ensure you are using SizeGenetics properly.

Is penis extension safe?
Penis extension has been tested in numerous clinical studies and is proven very safe. Do note though that penis extension is a gradual process and you should not try to rush it by putting too much pressure on your penis or wearing the device all day long (follow the training schedule). Penis extension with SizeGenetics should never be painful – that is a sign that you may be harming your penis.

My doctor recommended a penis extender for my Peyrnoie’s syndrome. Can I use SizeGenetics?
Yes; SizeGenetics is recommended by doctors for treating Peyronie’s syndrome. It has shown very effective in straightening curved penises.

What will penis extension do to my erections?
Penis extension will not harm your erection quality. In many cases, men report that their erections became harder because of SizeGenetics. This is due to the new cell growth and improved blood circulation that penis extension provides.

SizeGenetics Extender or Penis Pills?

If you want to get a bigger penis, you have three options: surgery, penis extension, or supplements (pills or creams). For most men, surgery is not a feasible option. Aside from the high costs and painfulness of surgery, the results are usually negligible. Penis extenders, like our top pick SizeGenetics, and penis pills are the most popular choices. Both of these options have pros and cons which may make one the better option for you.

A Bigger Penis or a Bigger Erection?
The main difference between SizeGenetics extender and penis pills is that SizeGenetics will give you a bigger penis (including erect and flaccid size) whereas penis pills will only increase erection size. There are a few penis pills or creams which can get you a bigger flaccid penis but the results will be negligible. So, you must decide how important it is for you to have a larger flaccid penis. If you don’t care about flaccid size, then penis pills are an option. If you do want a larger flaccid size too, then you must go with SizeGenetics or another top extender device.

The Results
It doesn’t matter whether you pick SizeGenetics, a different penis extender or penis pills: all men will have different results. However, there are some average gains that you can expect. With SizeGenetics, you can expect increases of about 30% of your length and 20% of your girth. Do keep in mind that these results are given in averages and occur over a period of about 6 months of regularly using SizeGenetics.

With penis pills, your erection size probably won’t get too much bigger unless you have been having weak erections. Also, men over 40 get better size increases with penis pills (because their older, weaker cells benefit better from the penis supplements). Still, even the best penis pill isn’t going to increase your penis to the same extent that SizeGenetics can. If you want several inches of gain, then you should go with SizeGenetics. If you just want a moderate increase in your erection size, then penis pills will deliver.

The major drawback of SizeGenetics is that you have to wear the extender device for a few hours daily on a regular basis. Over a period of about 4-7 months, you will be able to achieve maximum results. Men who want to really enlarge their penis drastically (3+ inches) may need to use SizeGenetics even longer. The SizeGenetics device is comfortable and can be worn underneath clothes but some men still may find it inconvenient to wear. Once you achieve the results you want though, you will never have to wear SizeGenetics again.

In the short run, penis pills are much more convenient to use than SizeGenetics. You just take a pill every day and your erections will eventually get larger. In the long run though, penis pills are not very convenient compared to SizeGenetics. You have to take them every day for the rest of your life if you want to keep on getting results. This also makes penis pills less of a value than SizeGenetics.

Other Benefits
With SizeGenetics penis extension, you aren’t going to get many more benefits other than penis enlargement. You can straighten out curvatures in your penis and some men experience harder erections from SizeGenetics. With penis pills though, you get a wide range of other benefits like a better libido, improved stamina, larger ejaculations, and harder erections. They can also help prevent and treat impotence.

Which is Right for You?
If you want permanent penis enlargement, a larger flaccid penis, and a one-time investment, then SizeGenetics is the way to go. If you don’t care about flaccid penis size and want other sexual benefits – like more stamina and boosted libido – then penis pills are the way to go.

Why SizeGenetics is Our #1 Pick for Best Penis Extender

We looked at a lot of different penis extenders and chose SizeGenetics as our #1 pick. Since there are several other high-quality penis extenders available, it wasn’t easy to choose which one is best for most men. Here are the parameters we analyzed and how SizeGenetics scored.

With some products that you buy online, reputation isn’t very important. When you are buying medical devices though, you should only pick a product made by a well known, reputable company which has been around for at least a couple years. This way, you can be sure that you are getting a quality product and not going to get scammed. As far as penis extenders go, there are only a few devices which have really good reputations and SizeGenetics is one of them.

SizeGenetics has been around for over 10 years and used by over 20,000 men successfully. Many independent media organizations have endorsed SizeGenetics, including Channel4 journalist Tim Shaw who tried it out as part of an expose and got a larger penis in just a few weeks. After being on the market for so long, you can be sure that SizeGenetics is the real deal and not just some fad product.

When it comes to quality, SizeGenetics is one of the best (along with Jes Extender). Unlike cheap penis extenders which have all plastic parts, SizeGenetics is made from stainless steel. The materials are not going to bend or warp, which is crucial for getting results. There is even a 2 year parts warranty available for your device. SizeGenetics is also a leader when it comes to precision. You can adjust the tension on the extension device to fit your exact comfort level. No cheap penis extender is going to give you that sort of precise quality.

The reason you would use SizeGenetics is because you want results – and results you will get! SizeGenetics has been shown to get average gains of 28% in length and 19% in girth over a period of 180 days. Depending on your initial size, you can really grow inches with SizeGenetics. These results are backed by clinical studies and a 100% money-back guarantee!

SizeGenetics represents a really good investment. You just have to buy the penis extender once, wear it for about 6 months, and you will have a permanently larger penis. Considering the quality and results that you get with SizeGenetics, it is a great value. Plus, SizeGenetics throws in a lot of nice bonuses with your purchase – like seduction advice, penis exercise videos, and a locked box.

All Around Best!
Compared to other penis extenders, SizeGenetics was either on par or outdid the competition in every single category. When you buy SizeGenetics, you can trust that you are getting a great product and will get the results that you want or your money back. It is still worth checking out our other top picks for best penis extenders – Jes Extender and MaleEdge – but we feel that SizeGenetics is the best choice for most men’s enlargement needs.

What is SizeGenetics?

For some men, male supplements are not enough when it comes to increasing penis size. Penis extenders offer a way for men to permanently increase their penis length and width by several inches. With just a little bit of patience, you can have a significantly larger penis within 4-7 months and never have to worry about size inadequacy again.

SizeGenetics is our top pick for a penis extender. This enlargement product has been made to meet the needs of all men who aren’t quite up to size. With SizeGenetics, you will be surprised how easy it is to get a larger penis. All you need to do is put the device together so it fits your length. SizeGenetics can accommodate men as small as 2 inches and going up to 11 inches. Once you have your penis in the device, you adjust the tension to a comfortable level and simply wear SizeGenetics for a few hours. You can even wear SizeGenetics underneath your clothes discreetly or while sleeping. Every time you wear SizeGenetics, your penis gets slightly larger. You won’t be able to notice the daily gains but these gains all add up to a much larger, thicker penis.

How SizeGenetics Works
Penis extension has been used for hundreds of years as a way to enlarge penises. However, it wasn’t until the last 2 decades that western cultures started to utilize extension for penis enlargement. A few enterprising scientists decided to test the possibilities of penis extension in a clinical setting. They expected results but didn’t realize the results would be so great! The studies show that penis extension can help increase penis size by inches – including length and girth.

The way that penis extension works is that the SizeGenetics device stretches forward on your penis. The penis enlargement does not occur because of stretching though; that would just give you a long but skinny penis. Instead, the SizeGenetics device makes very tiny tears in your penile tissues. Gaps form between the cells and your body triggers cytokinesis – cell replication. The newly replicated cells fill in the tears and your penis becomes larger from the new growth. The process of penis enlargement with SizeGenetics is just like getting bigger muscles from lifting weights. It takes time and dedication but your penis will get bigger with SizeGenetics.

Why SizeGenetics?
SizeGenetics beats all other penis extenders that we reviewed. The reason is because of its reputation for quality and outstanding customer satisfaction rate. You can get length gains of about 30% and girth gains of about 20% over a period of 6 months. SizeGenetics also makes sure that penis extension is always comfortable thanks to their innovative strap system and foam pads. With SizeGenetics, you don’t have to worry about any noose system cutting off your penis circulation or cheap materials bending or breaking.

SizeGenetics stands by its promises that it can help you get a bigger penis. That is why all orders are backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. Just follow the instructions for using SizeGenetics and you will get a larger penis. It is that simple!