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MaleEdge User Experiences and Results

We went through the MaleEdge forums in the area where men can post their results and experiences with penis extension. Here are what real MaleEdge users are saying!

“I started at 16 cm and am now 18 cm when erect, girth 14 cm. Flaccid length is 13 cm and flaccid girth is 11.5 cm. MaleEdge is working all right. I am at 280 hours right now into the investment. With 2 cm increase already, I can’t wait to see how much bigger I get after 1000 hours.”

“I got 1.6 cm bigger after 1 month of stretching at 2000 grams and my girth increased by 1.5 cm. The device is comfortable but don’t go past 2500 grams until you get used to it.”

“Hi everyone! I am in month 4 of using Male Edge and am happy to say that it works. I have been averaging 5 hours a day with it. Some days I wear it as much as 12 hours whereas other days just about 3 hours. If you want to wear Male Edge all day, I recommend getting some gauze from a drug store and wrapping it around your penis. This will stop any slipping which might occur after wearing Male Edge for a long time. If you wear just the protective foam for 5+ hours, it can get a bit humid. Put the gauze on first and it will take care of the humid problems. I started with a base length of 10 cm erect and 6 cm girth. Now I am 13.5 long and 8 in girth.”

“I can’t believe how fast I am getting results. I have been using Male Edge for 2 months now. When I started, I was using the second to last notch on the device. Now, I can already twist the connector and put the extension arms all the way down. I am already 2.5 cm bigger and my penis is straighter too.”

“I’m at 7 weeks with Male Edge and logged about 300 hours from wearing it about 6 hours a day, less during the first few weeks. I am also taking multivitamins with amino acids to get my tissues growing faster. I am just about to go to the next notch on the extender which makes almost one notch every week!”

“Thanks to the Dana Life crew! I have had good results in only 4 weeks and am very, very pleased. I started at just above 5 inches and am close to 6 inches now. Not too much change in flaccid length but I bet that will change as I keep on using it. Since my erection is already almost an inch bigger, you aren’t going to hear any complaints from me!”

Does MaleEdge Really Work? Clinical Studies and Evidence

Penis extension is nothing new: methods of extension have been used for hundreds of years to help men get larger penises. It is only in modern times though that penis extension has been studied for safety and efficacy. Here are some of the most notable clinical studies performed by researchers which support the fact that MaleEdge works.

  • A pilot phase-II prospecdtive study to test the ‘efficacy’ and tolerability of a penile-extender device in the treatment of ‘short penis.’ Paolo Gontero, Massimiliano Di Marco, Gianluca Giubilei, Raccardo Bartoletti, Giovanni Pappagallo, Alessandro Tizzani, and Nicola Mondiani. Published in British Journal of Urology International, 103.6 (March 2009): 793-797. In this study, researchers assessed the efficacy of a penis extender. Subjects used a penis extender for 4 hours a day for 6 months and were measured after 1, 3, 6 and 12 months. Their erectile function was also assessed at the end of the study. After 6 months, the average gains were 2.3 cm in erection length and 1.7 cm in flaccid length.
  • Penile elongation and thickening – a myth? Is there a cosmetic or medical indication? By Professor Dr. E. Austoni, A Guarneri and G. Gatti. Published in Andrologia, 31.1 (July 1999): 45-51. In this publication, researchers reviewed different methods of penis enlargement for their efficacy. They found that men could increase size by 1.1-2.1 cm.
  • Use of Penile Extender Device in the Treatment of Penile Curvature as a Result of Peyronie’s Disease. Result of a Phase II Prospective Study. Paolo Gontero, et al. Published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine 6.2 (2009): 558-566. This study examined the efficacy of a penis extender like MaleEdge in straightening curves in penises. After 6 months, the subjects had an average decrease of 4 degrees in their penile curvature.
  • Effect of Penile-Extender Device in Increasing Penile Size in Men with Shortened Penis: Preliminary Results.Mohammadreza Nikoobkht, MD, et al. Published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine 8.11 (Nov 2011): 3188-3192. Subjects in this study wore a penis extender for 4-6 hours daily for the first 2 weeks and then 9 hours a day until the end of the third month. After 3 months, the men experienced average gains in flaccid length of 1.7 cm and in erection length average gains of 1.7 cm. Men also experienced increase in penis glans of about .5 cm.There are only a few of the independent clinical studies which have been performed on penis extenders. MaleEdge has already been used for many years by over 300,000 men worldwide. These men will tell you that penis extension does work and can help you get a longer, thicker penis without much effort at all. Results from penis extension are permanent which means you won’t have to worry about having a small penis ever again.

MaleEdge FAQs

What is MaleEdge?
MaleEdge is a medical-grade device which is used for enlarging penis size (length and girth) and also for straightening curvatures in penises.

How is MaleEdge different than Jes Extender?
MaleEdge and Jes Extender are made by the same company. MaleEdge has been designed to be more economical and easier to use. It is cheaper than Jes Extender but will provide the same results and comfort. Jes Extender is made from higher-quality materials.

How does penis extension work?
When you wear the MaleEdge penis extender, it stretches your penis forward. The stretching causes microscopic tearing in your penile tissues. Your body responds by causing cells to replicate so they fill in the tears. Over time, all of the new cells will add up to a larger penis.

Is penis extension safe?
Numerous clinical studies show that penis extension is safe. However, it is important that penis extension be done gradually in order to get results safely. MaleEdge is designed to ensure your safety. It is made with a precision traction system which allows you to adjust the amount of pressure on your penis to an exact level of comfort. MaleEdge also uses a comfort stray system so you will not ever have to worry about cutting off circulation to your penis. Just follow the simple instructions for using MaleEdge and this is the safest method of permanent penis enlargement!

How much bigger will MaleEdge make my penis?
On average, men experience length gains of 28% and girth gains of 19% with MaleEdge over 6 months. These are only averages. You may experience more or less gains.

Can I wear MaleEdge for longer than 6 months?
You can wear MaleEdge for as short or long of a time as you would like. The reason that the MaleEdge results are listed for 6 month periods is because this is the period of time it takes for most men to get the best results. After 5-6 months, penis growth tends to slow down. You can still wear MaleEdge after 6 months but your results may not be as good as during the first several months.

Can I wear MaleEdge while sleeping?
Once you get used to wearing MaleEdge for longer periods of time (see the training schedule that comes with the device), it can be worn while you sleep. MaleEdge is designed to pop off should it become tangled in sheets or if you roll over onto it.

What happens if I get an erection while wearing MaleEdge?
It depends on the size difference between your flaccid and erect state. If your erection size isn’t much bigger than your flaccid size, you can continue wearing MaleEdge while erect. If your erection size is much bigger than flaccid size, then MaleEdge will simply pop off when you get erect.

What is the difference between MaleEdge Basic, Extra and Pro?
All models of MaleEdge are the same. The only difference is the amount of extras that come with them.

Does MaleEdge increase flaccid size too?
MaleEdge increases both flaccid and erect penis size. Do note that gains in flaccid size are much more variable than with erect size.

Does my penis have to be a certain size to use MaleEdge?
MaleEdge is designed to accommodate all penis sizes from 2-11 inches. It can be used with circumcised and uncircumcised penises.

How to Get the Best Results with MaleEdge

MaleEdge is a leading penis enlargement product because it is proven to get men results. Yet, there are still those few men who did not experience any size gains or the gains that they wanted while using MaleEdge. We talked with the customer support team at MaleEdge and asked them why some men don’t get results. The answer was surprising: most men simply don’t follow the directions.

Watch the Full Instructional Video!
The MaleEdge device is very simple to put together and wear. Even without any instructions, you can probably figure out exactly how to put on the device and start getting a larger penis right away. Yet, you should still make sure you read the entire directions on how to use MaleEdge and also watch the videos!!! You would be surprised how many men wear MaleEdge incorrectly or make innocent mistakes – like starting off at a too-high traction or putting the strap around the wrong part of their penis. If you don’t wear MaleEdge correctly, you are not going to get the best results!

Stick to the Schedule
One of the biggest mistakes that MaleEdge customers make is overdoing it. They get their penis extender in the mail and get so eager to get a larger penis that they start stretching for hours at the highest tension. You must follow the MaleEdge schedule!!! According to the MaleEdge schedule, or “training program,” you should start out slowly. Only wear MaleEdge for an hour a day at a low tension for the first week. The second week, you can start wearing it for two hours a day. As you continue with the training, you can increase the amount of time and tension so you will get faster results. There is no way that you can rush penis enlargement. It would be like joining a gym for the first time and immediately grabbing the heaviest barbells: you will just end up hurting yourself instead of getting bigger muscles!

Live a Healthy Lifestyle
Even if you don’t live a healthy lifestyle, you can still get results with MaleEdge penis extender. However, evidence shows that men living healthy lifestyles will get better and faster results with penis extension. The reason is simple: if you are healthy, your cells will replicate faster and thus your penis will get larger faster.

While using MaleEdge, you should make sure to drink at least 3 liters (about 13 cups) of water per day. This is the minimum amount of water that The Institute of Medicine recommends for men. If you want to really give yourself a boost, then drink at least 4 liters. When you are hydrated, your penis cells will replicate faster. Plus, your ejaculation volume will get bigger too!

You also want to make sure you are getting all your essential nutrients which are required to promote cell growth. A male supplement which improves circulation and also has amino acids can help. L-arginine is one of the best male supplements for helping penis extension because it promotes blood flow to the penis and also helps cell replication. Finally, while using MaleEdge, do your best to avoid smoking and alcohol and also get plenty of exercise. You will not only be healthier, but your penis will get larger faster.

What is MaleEdge?

MaleEdge represents the best of medical innovation when it comes to nonsurgical penis enlargement. This penis extension device – also sometimes called a penis stretcher – promotes natural cell division in your penile tissues. Over time, your penis gets larger and thicker so you can become more of a man sexually!

MaleEdge penis extender was first innovated about 5 years ago by DanaLife, the same company which makes Jes Extender. With MaleEdge, you can expect the same commitment to excellence and great results which come with Jes Extender. The difference is that MaleEdge has been designed so it is even easier to use and also more affordable. There is no reason why men shouldn’t be able to get a larger penis since MaleEdge comes at a great price but without sacrificing quality.

MaleEdge Can Increase Your Size by Inches
Just like our other top penis extenders, MaleEdge can help you get about 30% longer and 20% thicker over a period of 6 months of regular extension. If your penis is 5 inches, then you can expect to get 1.5 inches! If your penis is 6 inches, then you can get nearly 2 inches. These are just averages so many men will get even better results with MaleEdge penis extender.

MaleEdge can also be used to straighten out curved penises (Peyronie’s disease). In just a few weeks of wearing MaleEdge, your penis will not curve as much – which can make your erections much harder and stronger!

Why MaleEdge is Such a Great Value
The penis extenders which really work are not cheap. They must be made out of medical-grade materials which will not warp or break. Also, it is very important for the amount of pressure applied to the penis to be very precise. A cheap penis extender is not going to deliver you results and it probably isn’t going to be comfortable either! When making MaleEdge though, the design team wanted to make a device which would be affordable to all men but without sacrificing any quality. The result was MaleEdge: an all-in-one device for penis enlargement and straightening. There aren’t any spare parts with MaleEdge so the costs are considerably cut – yet you can still adjust the length of the device to fit penises ranging from 2 to 11 inches.

Guaranteed to Get You Results
MaleEdge is a high quality penis extender and has a great reputation to back it up. If you don’t trust the testimonials of the 300,000+ men who have used MaleEdge, then you can trust the money-back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with MaleEdge, then you will get 200% of the purchase price returned to you. With this sort of guarantee, you can bet that you are going to get the results you want with MaleEdge penis enlarger.