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Performer5: Ejaculation Volume Matters!

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Throughout the world, ejaculation volume is a matter of pride. Men with large finishes are idolized. Even the porn industry puts all the emphasis on a big finish. Even though we put so much emphasis on these grand finishes, most men fail to realize their significance: your ejaculation volume is a sign of your overall potency and adequacy as a lover. The larger your ejaculations, the more fertile you are and, thus, a better mate.

Improve Your Health, Get Bigger Ejaculations
There are many ways to get bigger ejaculations and most of them are very simple, like drinking more water. The easiest and most effective way to get larger ejaculations is to take a male supplement. Performer5 is the leading male enhancement supplement which is formulated with ejaculation volume in mind. The Performer5 formula contains massive dosages of high-quality zinc – the essential nutrient for fertility.

Zinc gets stored in your pituitary gland and also in your prostate. When your body lacks zinc, you will have problems getting sexually excited because the pituitary is responsible for sending sex signals to your penis. You will also not produce as much seminal fluids or sperm, both of which are regulated by the prostate. By taking Performer5, you will get an instant boost to the amount of cum during your climaxes.

Performer5 also contains other ingredients for enhancing your sexual adequacy. Ingredients like L-arginine, pomegranate, and muira pauma are proven to give you better erections, larger erections, increase libido, and boost sexual stamina. Indirectly, these ingredients will also boost your ejaculation size: the more blood going to your penis, the more nutrient-rich blood your reproductive system gets so you will make more semen.

It isn’t Just about Fertility!
If you want kids, then you should be concerned with your ejaculation volume. However, ejaculation volume isn’t just about fertility. It is also about enjoying sex. The entire reason an orgasm feels so good is because your body goes into muscular convulsions to push out all of that seminal fluid you’ve made during stimulation. In general, it takes about 5 muscular contractions to orgasm. It is usually during the second contraction that most of the seminal fluids are released.

When you take Performer5 to get larger ejaculations, you will have much more semen during climax. That means it will take more contractions to get it all out of your penis during climax. Instead of just 5 muscular contractions during climax, you could have well over 20. That means your climaxes can 4x times longer – or more! These contractions will also be much more intense and pleasurable.

Let Her See How Potent You Are!
There is no denying that women are impressed by large ejaculations. Even if they don’t consciously realize it, a large ejaculation is a sign that their mate is fertile and healthy. Plus, if you are in a long term relationship and finish inside your partner, she will love the feeling of your intense orgasms from Performer5. Since Performer5 also gives men a wide range of other benefits too, like harder and larger erections, your partner is going to love these male supplements as much as you do!