Penis Enlargement How To Guide

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Penis Enlargement How To Guide

The Top 3 Penis Enlargement Products That Work

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YES, You can naturally enlarge your penis!

Everyone has seen the ads for penis enlargers. Even if you have an average-size penis, it hard to ignore these ads. After all, who wouldn’t want to get a bigger penis? Gains as small as an extra ½ inch could do wonders for your sex life, taking you from just adequate to amazing in bed.

Do penis enlargement products really work?

Penis enlargers first came on the market about 20 years ago. They were mainly marketed in the back of adult magazines for mail order. These products ranged from miracle pills to devices you wore on your penis for enlargement.

Now, you can find hundreds of male enhancement products online which will be quickly sent to your door. If no penis enlargement product worked, these products obviously would have disappeared from the market by now. Since the popularity of penis enhancers is growing every day, then there must be something beneficial these products can do for those who want to enlarge their penis!

Why have penis enlargers gotten such a bad reputation?

The reason that there is so much skepticism around penis enlargers is simply because most penis enlargement products do not live up to their promises. This isn’t surprising, especially when you see ads like, “Get a larger penis overnight!” “Grow 4 inches in 2 months!” or “Get a bigger penis with one pill a day!” Beware when you see ads like this. No product can get you instant, massive results. Penis enlargement products are not miracle solutions.

They take time to work and give you results. Realistically, you can expect about ½ to 2 inches of growth , depending on the type of enlargement product you use. If you already have a large, penis you may be able to get better results. But, if you already have a very large penis, you probably aren’t going to be using these products.

Types of Penis Enlargement Products

There are three main types of penis enlargement products:

  • Penis extender devices – also named penis stretchers or penis traction devices
  • Penis pills
  • Penis creams or gels

Only penis extenders are going to give you a permanently larger penis. NO PILL CAN PERMANENTLY INCREASE YOUR PENIS SIZE!!! Be wary of any penis pill which claims it is going to make your penis grow. Penis pills will only increase your erection size, not your flaccid size. You will have to keep on taking the penis pills if you want to keep on getting results.

Penis Enlargement Gels Penis Extenders - Penis Extension Devices - Traction Devices Penis Enlargement Pills

Each type of penis enlargement product has its own benefits and downsides. Before you get drawn in by the promises of penis enlargement products, it is important to understand what results you can expect and how these results are obtained.

Penis Extenders

Penis extension devices are sometimes called penis stretchers because they pull the penis forward. However, the term penis stretcher is misleading. Penis extenders do NOT cause enlargement by stretching! Obviously, a stretched penis would be longer but skinnier, which is not desirable in most cases. While penis extenders do stretch the penis, the way they work is by promoting new cell growth in the penile tissue.

When you wear a penis extension device, you are basically giving your penis a workout in the same way that weight lifting works out your arm muscles. The enlargement device will cause microscopic tears in your penile tissue. Your body responds by causing cells to replicate to fill in the gaps. Over time, you get a larger, thicker penis.

The Pros & Cons of Penis Extenders

You get permanent penis enlargement
Gains can be up to several inches
One-time investment so economical in the long run
Also straightens curved penises
Many penis extenders are uncomfortable
Must wear the device several hours daily for quick results
Takes about 3-7 months for best results

How to Choose a Penis Extender

There are a lot of penis extenders available on the market. While they all basically work and look the same, penis extenders are NOT all equal. First of all, you must make sure that it is a medical grade product and made from high-quality parts which will not warp or bend.

Then, you want to make sure you can adjust the amount of pressure which the device applies. Otherwise, you will not be able to get controlled results.

Finally, make sure that the device is comfortable. Forget about any penis extender which uses a “noose.” Instead, look for the penis extenders which use straps. Any device which comes with comfort padding is also a major plus.

Top Penis Extenders Compared

Product Rating
Bonuses Price
SizeGenetics 6 month, 100% money back Carrying case, DVDs, aftercare cream, online memberships, eBooks From $189
JES Extender Results after 1000 hours or 200% money-back Styling carrying case From $233
MaleEdge Results after 6 months of double money back Carrying case, ruler From $179

Penis Pills

Penis pills are supplements which you take daily in order to get a wide range of sexual benefits, including larger erections. The way that penis pills work is by increasing the amount of blood to your penis. The best penis pills will also directly improve your cell health so your penile vessels can hold more blood. When your penis cells are getting and holding more blood, your erections will get bigger.

It is important to realize that your erection health is connected to your overall health. There is no way that a pill can specifically target your penis while leaving the rest of your body unaffected. This is a good thing! It means that penis pills not only give you better erections, but will also provide numerous other sexual benefits like:

  • Longer lasting erections
  • Harder erections
  • Better libido
  • Improved stamina
  • Increased ejaculation volume and fertility
  • Treats and prevents ED
  • Ability to get erection again faster after climax

You can also expect overall health benefits like a healthier heart, improved circulation, better hair and nails, more energy, better focus, and less anxiety, plus many more benefits.

The downside to penis pills is that you must use them regularly in order to get benefits. If you stop taking the pills at any point, all improvements will gradually diminish. Since the penis pills which really work usually cost about $1 per daily dosage, this can add up to a large expense over the long run.

Top Penis Pills Compared

Product Dosage Amount
Results Time Price
VigRX Plus 2 capsules twice daily Bigger, harder and longer-lasting erections 30-60 days for best results From $41/mo
Extenze 1 tablet per day Bigger, harder erections 8 weeks for best results From $47/mo


Natural Penis Enlargement Products

You don’t need harsh drugs or chemicals in order to get a larger penis and improve your sexual adequacy! Most of the top penis enlargement products are 100% natural and made from safe ingredients which have been used for centuries by various cultures for male enhancement. Some of the most common ingredients you will find in natural penis enlargement products are:

  • Pomegranate extract: Increases levels of nitric oxide in your body, the natural chemical which widens your penis cells during erection
  • L-arginine: Like pomegranate, also increases nitric oxide levels naturally
  • Horny goat weed: This is an herb which has been used for centuries to improve sexual function. It has numerous benefits, like increasing nitric oxide, blocking PDE-5 (this is how Viagra works too), improving sex drive, boosting stamina, and improving fertility
  • Ginseng: Ginseng helps your nervous system so your penis can receive sexual signals
  • Damiana: This shrub from Latin and South America improves blood flow to the penis
  • Saw palmetto: While it does not directly improve penis size, this plant helps keep your prostate healthy so you avoid sexual problems and infertility.

There are many other natural ingredients which can help you get better, larger and longer-lasting erections. When choosing a natural penis enlargement product, you want to make sure that they clearly list all of the ingredients. Next, you will want to choose whether a pill or topical solution (such as a gel or cream) is best for you.

Pills take longer to work but have more all-around benefits for your health. Penis enlargement creams and gels work faster but they aren’t going to do much for the rest of your sexual health.

Top Natural Penis Enlargement Supplements Compared

Product Main Benefits
Quality Site Cost
MaleExtra Larger, harder and longer-lasting erections 8+ weeks Visit Official From $34/mo*
Performer5 Increase ejaculation volume 4-8 weeks Visit Official From $44/mo*
Instant Performer
Treat ED; Harder erections Istant Results every time you use it Visit Official From $35/mo*

*180 day Money Back Guarantee

Which Penis Enlargement Product is Best for Me?

Penis Enlargement GelsPenis Extenders - Penis Extension Devices - Traction DevicesPenis Enlargement Pills

There is no one “best” penis enlargement product. You must evaluate each product based on your specific needs. Here are some basic guidelines for choosing a penis enlargement product.

First, decide whether you want permanent penis enlargement or not. If you really want a larger flaccid penis, then penis extension is your only option (aside from surgery). Yes, some penis creams and gels can increase your permanent size but the results will not be great. One example is Instant Performer which contains Volufiline, a product which increases fat cells in your penile tissues to make it become permanently bigger.

Even if you don’t care about your flaccid penis size, a penis extender is still the more economical choice. They are expensive to buy at first but you only have to buy it once. With penis pills, you are committing to a long-term investment if you want to keep on getting results.

Consider the all-around benefits of penis pills compared to extension devices. With a penis extender, you are not going to get benefits like improved libido, harder erections, more sexual energy and larger orgasms. If you are young, healthy, and already functioning well sexually, then these benefits may not be important to you now. But, for older men or any man who has performance problems, penis pills are the much better choice.

When it comes to choosing between individual products, the decisions get much more difficult. With penis extension devices, the main factor is usually the price. Medical grade penis extenders (the only ones you should consider buying!) are not cheap. But, you must consider them an investment. Saving $20 by choosing the cheaper penis extender isn’t a good idea if it is going to be uncomfortable for the many hours you must wear it to get results.

As for deciding between penis pills and creams, look at which benefits are most predominant. For example, the male enhancement product Performer5 is formulated to increase ejaculation volume, though it will also increase erection size. On the other hand, VigRx Plus is mainly formulated for increasing erection size though it will too improve ejaculation volume and give other benefits.

Reputation Matters!

With some products, it is okay to choose the no-name, generic brands. This is NOT the case with penis enlargement products! Remember that the only reason that penis enlargement has gotten such a bad reputation is because of all those cheap products which make false claims and don’t deliver results.

The penis enlargement products we have reviewed here all have been around for many years, have been used by thousands (in some cases, millions) of men, and have a great reputation. With money-back guarantees and high-quality ingredients and materials, you can be sure you are going to get a bigger penis!